March 5Th Old friends Big Fish

So a friend decides to try out my fishing trip with his friend and they had a blast. We caught a lot of fish some undersized but a few keepers to take home. His friend used lures most of the morning and then decided to try my technique and then started catching fish. lol so at the last hour of fishing it started to slow down due to the tide change and at the last moment a huge black drum took his bait and was ripping line. I knew it was a big one and the fight was on. I dropped anchor on a float and we started the chase after with 50 feet of line left on the reel. Another run and we would loose it. We chased the fish down to gain line on the reel for about 26 minutes and it was getting tired and then she rolled up saw us and took back off with one last burst of energy. We got her back up and netted her. Client 1 – Fish 0 lol A great way to end the day of a fun fishing trip and left with a need for more.

Check out our gallery for pics and a video of the fight…

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