March 4th trip

Well the fishing looked promising but the fish just didnt want to bite due to the upcoming front. We caught a lot of catfish and small black drum and a couple small reds. The kids had alot or fun and had fish to go home with…..

March 5Th Old friends Big Fish

So a friend decides to try out my fishing trip with his friend and they had a blast. We caught a lot of fish some undersized but a few keepers to take home. His friend used lures most of the morning and then decided to try my technique and then started catching fish. lol so […]

March 18th “Wait Wait here they come”

Lol Some think Im crazy some say I have a great knowledge of these waters. I say Im just good at my job. I had a group of 6 come on board who has been with me once before and had a blast. Before we go out I check my tides to make sure I […]