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March 18th “Wait Wait here they come”

Lol Some think Im crazy some say I have a great knowledge of these waters. I say Im just good at my job. I had a group of 6 come on board who has been with me once before and had a blast. Before we go out I check my tides to make sure I give them the best trip yet. As we went out to get some fresher bait we stopped at one spot and tried it out. We caught small crocker thats it. I knew not yet. We went to get the bait and we tried one spot while waiting for the best spots to be just right. We caught a few catfish and taught the kids about the dangers of that particular species and then I said ok lets move to a good spot tides just about right. So we picked up anchor and moved as we pulled up I knew to wait. They started fishing and it was small crocker and small drum. I said wait it will get better any minute lol they thought i was nuts and then BOOM two reds one the lines 19 &19-1/2. Then bigger drum started hitting and then keepers and a few big reds; kids were laughing the adults were joking around and keeping count. In the end they left with plenty of fish to take home and stories to tell. I cant wait for them to come again…….

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