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2015 Review

So this season was one for the records. The fishing was horrible for most of the year due to all the rain and fresh water we had coming out of the rivers and into the bays. The fish were chased out back into the gulf along with the shrimp and shad. The lack of birds working and the storms constantly running a muck has made it challenging all year for us to be on fish. Spring was interesting with sharks on the Hannas Reef and black tips in the shallows taking wade fisherman’s catch off the strings; But never the less we managed to catch low numbers and try our best to keep our clients happy. We had mixed reviews this year but that’s why they call it fishing not catching lol. So now that the year is over and the new season is here with weather looking good and salt taste in our mouth we pray for great fishing and great clients to come and enjoy another day out on the water. Until then let the fishing be in our favor and in yours…..

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